House Manager

The Manager of the Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust is a Registered Social Worker and has over 20 years’ experience of working within homelessness, mental health and addictions. She brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts within the social services sector, and has a sound understanding of the issues related to homelessness and those that experience it, especially women.

The Trust receives referrals from a variety of agencies from across the sector and having an established relationship with many of these agencies helps to streamline the process. The Manager is required to make safe and ethical decisions, sometimes based on little information. As the House is not staffed 24 a day the manager needs to be confident that an individual is ready to enter the house and that each woman entering has the ability to manage themselves safely.

There is criteria to follow for the service, and this needs to be maintained in order to keep everyone in the property, and the property itself, safe. The main objective is to support as many women as possible with providing a safe and comfortable space where they can focus on a plan for moving on. The majority of the women coming through the service have experience of trauma, and some have ongoing threats to their safety. Their time in the house is often a time to reflect on their past and feel motivated to make the necessary changes to move forward.