Callie’s Story

Twenty-two-year-old Callie* is the youngest tenant we have had at the Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust.  She moved in to the Trust’s accommodation in November and now two months later, is about to move into her own home in Newtown.

Callie ended up couch-surfing with friends after her relationship broke up for the fourth and final time.  As she had been living with her partner, she had to move out and try and find somewhere to live.  At each of the break-ups from previous relationships she had gone home to live with her parents in the Hutt but she decided it was time to stand on her own two feet.

When visiting City Mission to get food, Callie bumped into a friend who suggested she try and get supported accommodation through the Trust.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Callie says; ‘as tenants we go to the supermarket and shop together so we learn how to budget.  During the weekend, the staff encourage tenants to teach each other to cook different recipes.’

Callie says the best thing about the Trust is that they’ve helped her seek accommodation and gain the benefits she is entitled to.  She says “Helen, the house manager, works her magic and after two months you have a new home and a new heart.” 

Callie’s advice to new comers is to just relax and adjust to the house for the first couple of days.

“Helen is very supportive and easy to talk to but she won’t mother you.  It’s a secure, happy place.”